Eats in Cali, Colombia

Published on 23 January 2023 at 22:09

As you know, I am am Colombian. Born and raised in the capital, Bogotá. Nevertheless,  I have spent half of my life in Cali, as my mom is from there. Cali is the salsa dancing capital of Colombia, making me the best mix in this world. Every summer and end of the year, I would spend at least two weeks. Embracing and honoring the life of a "consentida" or spoiled grand daughter.

So. what is the better way to spoil a girl like me?

Well... Taking me to all the fruit and vegetable markets and letting me  enjoy everyday one of the different homemade and traditional Colombia meals. 

Which are the musts?

✨ Sanchocho de gallina, with rice and plantain

✨ Chontaduro with salt and honey 

✨ Calentado, mix of leftover rice and beans with a fried egg ontop

✨ Tamales, with arepa Antioqueña

✨ Papa Rellena, fried potato dough filled with rice mix with shredded beef and peas

✨ Bandeja Paisa, bean, beef, and rice plate with chicharron, patacon, salad, a frief egg and avocado

✨ Tropical fruits like lulo, maracuya, mamonsillo, and mango

✨ Shrimp and chicken rice with avocado and empanada

The restaurant scene in Cali is amazing too. If you are here, you need to head to:

Platillos Voladores, a staple of the city. To start get their Fufú de Camarones and as a main, their Lomo Ying Yang, two tenderloin medallion, one with mushrooms and blue cheese sauce and the other with a black pepper sauce and crispy onions


Have you ever been to Cali? Which foods have you tried? Let me know in the comments below. 

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