Eats in Milano, Italy

Published on 24 January 2023 at 14:24

There is nothing more fun than spontaneous and express trips somewhere in Italy. We would leave late in the afternoon to make it just in time for lunch in Milano, spend the night, and then train back to Bra after brunch. The train ride is almost 3 hours, so it is the perfect amount to time to relax, destress, and enjoy the view. I hadn't been to back in Milano since 2013, so for me, it was quite exiting, considering I was traveling with two expert foodies.

When he reached Milano, it was the perfect timing to search for lunch. Fortunately, right in the station you can find Il Mercato Centrale. It is a massive space offering anything you could imagine, from dumplings, risotto, sushi, arancini, pizza, focaccia, burgers, and American BBQ.

We could not pass on a good American smash burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, spread, and crispy French fries -- however, we didn't stop there, we sourced fried Italian goodies, stuffed with cheese, prosciutto, and sauce.If you ever make it here, do not miss the opportunity to wander around and see what really makes your craving moving, we definitely did.


To digest all the goods, we ended up in Fondazione Prada, a cultural institution looking to showcase contemporary art and culture. From film festivals, architecture and design events, and even photography exhibitions. The space is massive lengthwise, as well as up in a rooftop, where we had the chance to see the craziest sunset ever. After a couple hours, we went to our Airbnb, and then headed our to see the iconic Duomo at night. 


We ended the night as we deserve in @Bentoteca, a with a Japanese fusion restaurant offering an amazing selection of Natural wines.

 ðŸ’› My favorite dish of the night was their Veal Bone Marrow grilled in charcoal seasoned with fermented squid and Shokupan (a classic and housemade milk loaf bread.)

 ðŸ’› Second favorite was the the Negitoro, a build your own temaki with soy sauce and yolk.

 ðŸ’› Third favorite, and a must, their pork and mushroom gyoza cake, served with ponzu sauce and prawns oil.

 ðŸ’› And finally, their cute Butaman, a steamed Bao bread filled with pork, duck, prawns, mushrooms and spices.
We went to sleep with full stomachs and happy souls. 


The next morning, we checkout and headed to Tone for breakfast. Don’t be mistake, “tone” is not short for Panettone 🤣 (even though they do sell them), it actually refers to the medieval brick oven traditionally used in Georgia to bake the most amazing bread. Incredibly enough the artisan dough is “pasted” on to the intensely heated inner walls of the tone. Giving it a unique texture and flavor. If you ever make it here, try their  âœ¨iconic✨ Khachapuri: A traditional cheese-filled bread finished with a runny egg yolk.


Have you ever been to Milano? Let me know where my next food-adventure be?

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