Here you will find my absolute staples when trying to impress anybody.

If you have ever gotten the pleasure to try any, now you know ūüėČ

Shakshuka alla So

I can still remember the day I took a bite of my first Shakshuka. I was back in Colombia, having brunch with my family, in some cute café. I was the only one who ordered a "weird" brunch item. My parents and little brother love the "all time staples", "the classic", "the simplest one", whereas me... Oh man, I am the queen of extra when it comes to food. It took me a while to embrace my own curiosity and hunger, which nowadays makes me who I am, and I love it.

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Green Goddess alla So

This cilantro avocado and lime crema is a must whenever you want a tangy, spicy, and smooth dipping sauce in your meal. It goes great with chips, patacones, arepas, potatoes, roasted vegetables, and even schmeared into a sandwich. 

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Patacones alla So

Patacones are my Tita's favorite food in this world. Growing up and even now, she demands her patacones on the table for lunch everyday. Although they are not quite the super food, as they are double fried and generously salted, they are crispy and so satisfying to enjoy with any meal.

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