Ciao Eaters!

My name is Sophie Echeverry and I love anything surrounding food. The history, cultures, traditions, cuisines, ingredients, the act of cooking, platting, photographing, and story-telling.

I was born and raised in Colombia, and although I have experienced a little bit of all over the world, I am now happy to call Italy my home. 

After spending time discovering my passion for food culture, cooking, and connecting with people on the dinner table, I decided to attend the only slow-food-centered university in the world and complete a Masters on food business and communication. 

SophieEaaaaats has been the place I feel most comfortable in. I love the whole process of it. From inviting people over for dinner, to planning the menu, sourcing the ingredients (locally), executing a fantastic dinner with the guests, educating them about the culture behind that dish or cuisine, and even have them add their input or cooking technique. 

All the pictures and stories were taken, edited, and written by me throughout these past 6 years of traveling and eating. I am looking to tell you my story, while still educate you the culture behind certain foods and cuisines. The goal is to have fun, and learn from each other in a safe space, around the dinner table. From traditions in each of our home countries, or households. From personal experiences with food or cooking. From things we hate about food, traditions, stigmas, to even the food systems our society lives in blindly. 

The floor is open for any type of discussion, so do not hesitate to comment, or contact me. I might like to eat a lot, but I dont bite (jeje). 

I hope you enjoy, learn, and open your mind on all the in-depth layers food in our society has.