Eats in Bra, Italy

Published on 21 January 2023 at 10:42

A typical Saturday in Bra as a Gastronome would look a little bit like this... ✨ sourcing the best ingredients to have a fresh and easy lunch!

Very slow morning, considering all the glasses of Natural wine you had at Zero the night before. Saturday's are quite busy in Bra (still unsure why), you will see a lot of people down the street, many unfamiliar faces, but all with a goal in mind: Plan lunch. 

After grabbing a small bite and a warm capuchino in Caffe Converso you will have enough energy to head over to Giolito Formaggi. This family business has been going for more than a century, offering some of the best cheeses in the planet (Yes, I can testify). If you ever find yourself there, get your hands on the formaggio da Manicomio, a gorgonzola spread that makes you go crazy (quite literally).

🥖 No Italian lunch can run without fresh focaccia, grissini, and bread. My go to is Lo Sfizio Di, as it is right next to my home, and their focaccia panini are amazing. 
🥓 To complement meal in the most Bra way, head to your nearest Salumeria for some Salsiccia “di Bra”, Battuta di fassona Piedomentese, and Bresaola. I love Macelleria Biasin, an agrofarm a couple kilometers from Bra’s city center offering the highest quality meats.
🥒 End the lunch sourcing in the farmer market for all the seasonal produce of the day.
☕️ For dessert, head to  Caffe Posta and get a couple of their Cocchini, a chocolate raspberry tart topped with coconut cream and coconut shaves 🥥

Now, that was just lunch. This Italian day is not over. 

After resting for a couple hours, maybe having taken a big nap, it is time to prepare for aperitivo.  

If you are not familiar with Italian aperitivo, I am here to enlighten you.  This concept moves masses. Almost religious. 


Here in Italy, when the clock strikes 5pm or 6pm, the country stops slowing down. Bartenders are getting ready to prepare hundreds of spritz, from Aperol, Campari, Hugo and even Bordigas. The best thing is that involuntarily, you are always served something to munch on after ordering something to drink. From whole pizzas, fried snacks, or even sushi. It honestly ends up becoming an boozy early dinner, and we are here for it! And who knows, maybe you end up "aperitiving" with the one and only Carlin Petrini, founder of the Slow Food Movement. 


In my humble opinion, the best aperitivo has to offer is either Il Centro for their Bordiga Spritz and pizza toasts, or Nero Cafe, for their generous snacks. 


In order to end the best Gastro-Saturday of your life, head to Osteria Boccondivino for a traditional Piedmontese meal. Go for the Vitello Tonnato, the Tagarin al Ragu with Bra Sausage or their Agnoloti al Plin with sage and butter, and their famous Panna Cota for dessert. 

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