Ate in Terra Madre 2022

Published on 20 January 2023 at 17:42

This was my first time experiencing the iconic ✨Terra Madre✨ Salone del Gusto in the city of Torino. This project was brought to life by the Slow Food movement, following the manifesto of building a bridge to bring together a network of producers working to establish a system of good, clean, and fair foods.

The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, the institute I am currently doing my masters in, was founded under that same umbrella of ideals, making this event an exciting opportunity for all of us trying to make a change in the food industry. 

2018 was the time Terra Madre occurred, due to the pandemic of course, so this year came with a lot of expectations. Personally, I had never heard about this event, and was not aware of the magnitud it has in the Italian food culture. I wanted to get the whole experience, so I volunteered in the university's stand, and I wish I was lying but it was extremely overwhelming. It was extremely crowded, and lacked proper communication to volunteers. That's why I did my job for a couple hours, and escaped in search of these goods:

🍔 The star of the show! The juiciest Panino con Lampredotto from, a typical street food snack from Firenze. The meat is removed from the broth, chopped, topped with a spicy and green sauce, and finished with the softest bun drenched in the meat’s broth 🤌🏼 

🌼 A Fior di Zucca stuffed with cheese and fried in pastella, which is a better that makes anything a fluff of heaven. 

✨ The most colorful and interactive display of some of our Mother Ingredients  like maize, beans, legumes, wheat, and even dried seeds and nuts 

🧠 One of the most interesting concepts I discovered was the Slow Food Presidium, a project that aims to protect native livestock breeds, local fruit and vegetable varieties, bread, cheese, cured meats, sweets, and even traditional techniques and crafts that are in danger of extinction. Many of the farmers, food artisans, herders, fishers, and wine growers that belong to The Presidia came to Terra Madre to show their unique product and production

🍚 Had my first Arancino, a Sicilian street food staple, that consists of fried rice balls stuffed with a variety of toppings. I went with the Porchetta e Funghi one and it was amazing ✨

🦪 Presidium Oysters from France born in the Breton and Charent Sea with fresh squeezed lemon


✨ The funkiest and moldiest cheese I have ever seen in my life. One thing I have learned about myself, is that I am a passionate blue cheese taster. Honestly, the moldier and smellier, the better. So if you ever see a very moldy and blue cheese, think of me and consider trying to it, or buy it for me 😂


I had the pleasure of attending Terra Madre with some of the most passionate and knowledgeable Gastronomes, who helped me understand the magnitud and importance this even has in food's history, so shoutout to them.

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