Eats in Puerto Escondido: Oaxaca's Golden Beaches

Published on 22 January 2023 at 09:01

Oaxaca is a region in Mexico known for being the root to Mexico’s mother ingredients. Did you know it was the first cuisine to receive the UNESCO culinary heritage status? 

Although I only got to see a little part of Oaxaca this time, I am more than ready to tour the whole birthplace of some of the most rich, and traditional Mexican dishes. We were in Mexico City and we were craving the beach, sun kissed skin, and the best eats. As soon as we land in Puerto Escondido and head to our accommodation in La Punta, we switch into bikinis and run to the beach to see the waves while enjoying the first cold beers of the trip.

🍤 Once our appetite was ready for dinner, we stroll to Fish Shack, the best place to get seafood, fish, and mezcal. It was hands down the best way to begin this adventure. We had to get their pineapple and cucumber lime Mezcalitas on the rocks. You must order their Grilled Garlic Shrimp Taco and their coated in shredded coconut and fried shrimp with fries. The texture and flavor is impecable, however, the sweetness might over power the rest too much. I would recommend coming up with a tangy, savory and spicy sauce to dip them into. You know, to balance all the flavors.


The next morning, we wake up bright and early to the beach. Pro tip: Pick a restaurant with sun tanning beds and tables by the beach (of your liking and budget), and ask for their minimum consumption rate to stay unlimitedly. From our experience, the average was of 350-400 Mexican pesos (US$ 18-20), which worked perfectly to munch on until we would get hungry for early dinner.

A must for us, chunky guacamole, chips and Micheladas preparadas. Have you ever had them? If not, get your hands in those bad girls ASAP. They are basically Mexican style Bloody Mary's, with beer instead of vodka, loads of lime, Clamato (a sweet tomato juice), and spicy/savory seasoning. 


💥 Our next dinner discovery was in Chicama, a Peruvian restaurant sourcing the freshest ingredients to recreate traditional food from one of Latin America's best cuisines. We had to start with Mezcalitas, of course and their white fish ceviche drenched in leche de tigre, garnished with boiled camote (a variety of sweet potato), crispy plantain chips, and both toasted and soft corn. You must get their Chaufa Rice, showing the evident influence Asian cuisine has in Peru's food. Chaufa in Chinese means stir-fry which explains why this dish is a vegetable stir fry with rice.

That night we decided to fight our exhaustion from the sun and the sea, and went out to discover a karaoke party. After singing, dancing, and laughing at ourselves for hours, we ended getting some late night street tacos. The mandatory Al Pastor and Carnitas tacos were the perfect remedy for a restful night. 

Our last full day took us to Zicatela, a beach 30 min away walking from La Punta. We were craving some sort of movement in our bodies, so even under that summer heat, we decided to walk there. We had to stop for some freshly cut coconuts, their water was so naturally sweet and refreshing.


💥 After embracing the sun, beach, and sand to the fullest, we ended getting some of the most delicious Thai food in Lychee. Their kitchen is open and located in the center of the restaurant, making it an inviting environment. You could sit by the bar and talk with the cooks. I was mesmerized with their Wok flipping technique. 

Their Shrimp Pad Thai which was ✨STELLAR ✨ along with their Sweet and Sour Vegetables with a fluffy side of rice. 


As you might have noticed, the food scene in La Punta in Puerto Escondido is more international than anything else. They are known for attracting people from all over the world for their waves to surf, and heart warming environment. Would you ever go to Puerto Escondido? If so, let me know below.

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