Spring Risotto

Published on 23 January 2023 at 13:01

Once in a blue moon, the king of Grissini and another of my little miracles. finds the time in his very busy agenda to magic happen in the kitchen. I say so, because this was the first time I saw him in action, and the way he transformed into this gastronomic mastermind was a delight to see. If there is something you must know about Follini is that he is an extremely strategic and  factual man, while still being the most empathetic and warm soul in the planet. I know I can trust him with basically anything, his reliability is impecable, so once I knew he would be having his culinary debut with us. I knew it was going to be good. And damn, it was. 

As it was late spring, and the summer was around the corner. We had to say goodbye to risotto season with this colorful and flavorful masterpiece. 

Utilizing seasonal flavors like the asparagus and peas, came into play for that splash of art on the dish. The roasted asparagus heads garnished with roasted almonds gave each bite the perfect mix of creaminess, umami, and crunch.

For it to truly count as a spring dinner, the mandatory seasonal salad had to come into play. Jackie oven-roasted Radicchio leaves and drizzled with a mascarpone and yogurt dressing. Then topped with chopped hazelnuts, dried apricots, and green onions. 



Do you cook with seasonal vegetables? Which is your favorite season?


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