1 Morning & 2 Dishes ready by 3 Pm

Published on 11 February 2023 at 13:46

A week before our classes in the University of Gastronomic Science ended, the brilliant Rae Bae, conducted a two-day Yearbook interview and photoshoot with the 2022 Master's in Food Culture, Communication and Marketing. Not to brag, but we are the most diverse program the university has had, with 15 different nationalities.

The 30 of us got divided into groups and we would have to prepare something from our own food culture. It could be anything. Your favorite meal, a dish from your country of origin, or even your take one a dish you tried in Michelin star restaurant. 

Mr. Alessio Follini and I were put in the same group, so we decided to get together and spend the whole morning before our 3 pm interview cooking and creating our two dishes. 

I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Something that reminds me if my home, my family and that I crave often but avoid making because it is tideous and requires frying. Traditionally from the streets of the Colombian coasts, we have what is called an Arepa de Huevo. This scrumptious arepa is double fried, stuffed with an egg and garnished with aji (Colombian spicy sauce) and suero costeño (Colombian sour cream). I made my own take of the sour cream with cream cheese, lime juice, and green onion, and my staple bell pepper hogao (my version of a Colombian hogao, or Sofrito). 

Alessio on the other hand, recreated his own take on one of the best dishes we had this past year in Torino's Michelin Star restaurant Unforgettable. The unique menu, centered on seasonal vegetables, delighted us with every single offering. However, there was one dish that stole Alessio's heart. It was a cauliflower mousse seasoned to perfection, without taking away the essence of the vegetable's flavor. His creamy and fluffy Cauliflower Foam was garnished with crispy and salty Guanciale, curated in bread crumbs and fried egg yolks, fried sage, and a sprinkle of licorice dust. 

When we arrived for the interview, Mati, Alessio, Rae and I discussed, shared, and learned about each other's experiences on certain food topics. It will be super exciting to see the results of this project by the end of March, when we meet for our graduation. 

That evening, after all the groups of the day had had their session, we met up all together again to feast on all the deliciousness we had created. 



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