Alps Night

Published on 22 January 2023 at 10:43

My friends from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland wanted to bring us over to the alps for a night to enjoy some of their staples. I lived in Switzerland for two years and something that I truly miss is their impecable bread selection. Even in gas stations you will find some of the freshest, softest, and delicious bread. I was so happy to realize we were going to enjoy some Zopf throughout the dinner, it is this breaded breakfast bread, slightly sweet but crunchy in the crust. 


As an appetizer we stopped in Germany and had Bavarian Obazda, a delicious and creamy cheese spread made from Tallegio and Camembert cheese along with a white cabbage salad and fresh radishes. 

As a main we stopped in Switzerland and had Spätzli, a traditional small noodle, in two different ways:

  • Classic Spätzli casserole with mushrooms, spinach, cream al gratin qnd topped with garlic bread crumbs
  • Spinach käse-Spätzli topped with fried onions and pancetta

For dessert we had to stop in Austria, they are famous for their delicious pastries. These Kaiserschmarren with rum raisins did not disappoint. Its a thick but spongey pancake that is slightly baked in the oven first, then broke into pieces, and then caramelized in the pot. We enjoyed it with homemade apple sauce and powder sugar.


Have you ever tried any of these foods? Let me know in the comments below.


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