Colombian Brunch?

Published on 20 January 2023 at 10:06

10 months ago, I packed my bags in Colombia after moving from Switzerland, the country that became my home during the hardest times this generations has been though, the Covid pandemic. Even though I hadn't been able to see my family for close to two years, I knew my future was in Italy. I had decided to embark into a more specified career, one related to food culture, communication, and marketing, and so I applied and got accepted into a program offering that


I arrived in Italy on March 6th, and began the master program on the 16th. 

By the 21st, I was already hosting my first brunch, and not any brunch, a Colombian one. 

In my tiny apartment, 10 people arrived. Honestly I still dont know how. We had mimosas and very reggaetón in the background. I had managed to cook at least 30 arepas that would be stuffed with Carbonara or Pesto Scrambled Eggs, guacamole, and a my bell pepper sofrito

I dont know if I was just missing home too much, but I dedicated myself to show these new friends where I come from, and who, in essence, I am. 

A wild, vibrant, fearless and hungry tiny human. 

I think I did pretty good. 

For dessert, Lisa went out her way to make homemade Love-Tarts three ways:
🍫Dark chocolate and citrus marmalade
🍑Apricot and earl grey



Have you ever had Colombian food? Or dined out with a Colombian?

Let me know how it went in the comments below. 


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