Korean Night

I truly believe Lisa, my big sister, mamma otter, and cuasi-flatmate, and I met in a past life. She was the first person I met when I moved to Italy, and as I have mentioned, she is one of my little miracles. Not only has she taught me so much about cooking (she is a stellar Chef and gastro-mastermind), she has also taught me so much about myself. She is so gentle, comforting, assertive in everything she says, and such an amazing listener.

It might be due to her experience as an educator in three different countries, or simply it is her purest heart and soul. She has expressed her goal in life is to "creation of memorable and valuable experiences." and "encourage people to live in a way that incorporates personal and communal well being into their everyday life", and oh man! She has done that to me. 

A couple years ago, she was living in Korea, and so she wanted to replicate and share with us what a traditional dinner in Korea would look like. She set off the night with Yukhoe, a Korean style beef tartare over a bed of crispy pears, with homemade rice crackers

As a main we had Bossam, tender and juicy pork belly served with, steam cabbage and enjoyed wrapped in lettuce. Toppings included fresh garlic, spicy chili, ssamjang sauce with doenjang a fermented soybean paste and gochujang, spicy red pepper paste with garlic, onion and sesame oil.

To pair it all up we had Japchae a sweet potato glass noodle mix with bell peppers, onion, carrots and a thinly sliced omelette, and a Macaroni Salad, very common in the Korean restaurant scene.

Not your average Korean side dish, but definitely delicious with corn, diced sausage, bell peppers, and a creamy, rich, slightly sweet and tangy mayo dressing.


Have you ever had Korean food? What has been your favorite thing?

Let me know below!

I need some inspiration, because who knows, maybe I'll end up over there.

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