Burger Patacones

The day before I flew back to Colombia this past summer, Lisa invited me over for a good-bye dinner surprise. The good thing about Lisa and her surprises, is that she knows me all too well, and she will create something so simple for her to make, but that will completely blow my mind. This time it was no exception.

We had been chatting back and forth about homemade burger, and well, we all know how much I love crispy and salty patacones. 

Well, you guessed it.

She mashed both to create this beauty.

The trick was to make wider and longer patacones. This way the juicy beef patty topped with provolone cheese, the fresh lettuce and super ripe slices of tomatoes would fit and stay aligned with the two crispy pata-buns.

If you are looking to try a burger outside of the ordinary, you hate soggy buns in your burger, and care a lot about texture, or a crunch factor, this needs to be in your must try list. 



Have you ever tried or made a different burger? Let me know in the comments below!


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