Eats in Alassio, Italy

Published on 12 February 2023 at 13:35

One thing you should know is that Bra, the small city I used to live in is located nowhere near a lake or ocean. The closes thing we have to a body of water, is the local pool, which gets insanely crowded, making the summers become unbearable. So, how does a lizard like me overcome melting during the Italian summer? Easy, find yourself a German crew that takes you to the west coasts of Liguria. No jokes aside, Ebru and Max are two of the most loving and brilliant people I have ever met. The love for each other, and for me (jeje) is inexplicable. They definitely made me feel like home in various occasions, and this trip to Alassio was not exception.

This fine sand and long beach town, has also a gorgeous historic center with long parallel streets facing the sea, that represent the typically Ligurian essence of Alassio. Theses streets filled with century old houses and modern shops are called Budello, the perfect place to wander and shop around. What I would recommend before heading to Alassio in the summer time, is to reserve beach beds for the day, with any restaurant by the beach. We went with Graf and it was amazing, specially with the food. As we were by the beach, we had to take advantage of their marine options.
Of course we sip on Aperol Spritz all throughout the morning, and when we decided to sit down for lunch we had to share their Fried Pizza dough dipped in lardo and wrapped in prosciutto or salame (yum). I went with the Tagliatelle in zucchini sauce with prawns and tomatoes, and yes, even though in Italy it is almost a sin to put Parmigiano on seafood dishes, I did. Becase I can. 😂 Ebru went with a delicious and massive basket of fried everything, from shrimp, sardines, white fish, and squid.

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