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Published on 9 February 2023 at 19:52

As I've mentioned many times before, life has brought me many little miracles. In all shapes and sizes, situations and environments. Switzerland was no exception, it might have been the place where I needed little miracles the most. I moved to Switzerland in January of 2020 to the most unreal and beautiful town called Vevey. It is located in the Lavaux region in between Montreux, the Jazz capital, and Lausanne, the Olympic capital.

Unfortunately, three months after I started the program, the Covid-19 pandemic knocked on the door, and you know what happened next. Classes became online and temporarily moved to Zurich, but before everything came crumbling down. I met one of my many little miracles, Paola . We went to the same University, but as we had different study programs  in different campuses, we never got to meet, up until we had a mandatory session in the Geneva campus. 


Coincidentally, we sat next to each other and after discovering we were both from Colombia, we also realized we were living in the exact same residency in Vevey. Vevey "es una cosa de locos" honestly, I dont think I have ever seen views and sunsets as beautiful as in here. Coincidentally, again, in the shores of Vevey you will find a giant fork, that worked as another little miracle in my journey. Every single little miracle that has come to visit me, has gotten stabbed by the fork, and I have pictures to proof it 😂


If you are ever in this side of Switzerland and enjoy good wine, you have won the lottery. The region of Lavaux, has one of Switzerland's most iconic views of vineyards and sources of Grand Crus. Not only are the hills a UNESCO World-Heritage sites, the wines are just impecable. There are many picnic tables around the area, where you can bring your own food and purchase locals wines, to enjoy the most stellar view. 


If you are in this region, you obviously need to visit Montreux. It is the place where Freddie Mercury lived and recorded with Queen. The views of the mountains in contrast with the lake, the calmness and beautiful boardwalk, is the perfect place to gather energy and inspiration. 


Now of course you need to visit Lausanne, a university city, filled with life and nice restaurants. But if you want an unmissable hiking experience, you need to head to Lac des Montsalvens in Crésuz. We went and had the most amazing lunch, views, and vibes. 


Would you ever visit this region? Let me know in the comments below.

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