Roasted & Fermented Cabbage

Published on 7 February 2023 at 16:03

OH MY CABBAGE! 🥬 It had been over one week since fire roasting and letting ferment one big and glorious green cabbage — and so we had to build a feast around it. The best thing about sharing a kitchen with Sari and Rianne is their love for vegetables, so much so, they will find ways to not waste a single part of them. They are artists when it comes to building plates with seasonal ingredients, they have inspired me to play with ingredients and their flavors in unexpectable ways. Lets begin with the cabbage. If you haven't gotten the background story, read it here. 

This hours-long roasted and then weeks fermented green cabbage was sliced, resembling steaks. The contexture of the cabbage was definitely different, compacted, and heavy. Almost as if all the water that tried to escape during the cooking process, remained during the fermentation process. To sear these babies, we used homemade and flavored miso pastes made by Elad and Mathew both alumni from UNISG, too. 

One of the Cabbage Steaks was marinated in their black garlic miso, then seared and topped over a yogurt mascarpone dip garnished with fresh parsley, fennel leaves, chopped hazelnuts and lemon zest. The other Cabbage Steak was marinated in their corn and spicy chili miso, then seared and topped over a garlic yogurt dip, barley risotto, and parsley pesto.Of course, the menu didn't end there. Sari created a Plant-Forward Tartare. Instead of using meat or fish, this beauty was solely made of roasted tomatoes over a bed of tahini, drizzle d with a spicy parsley pesto, olive oil, and chopped hazelnuts. I also got to taste Salt-Roasted Kohlrabi for the first time. This cooking method had me falling off my seat. Have you ever head of it?

It is more common to be done with root vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, parsnips, and well, kohlrabi. Yeah, another vegetable I had never heard off before, it is basically a turnip variety.😂  Ok, so back to the salt. By salting and roasting these vegetables, the moist and seasoning remains from the outside in, so all you need to do after roasting is peel and serve. 

Have you ever salt-roasted your vegetables? Let me know in the comments below.

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