Our 2022 Veggiegiving

Published on 22 January 2023 at 16:24

Last year Chef Sari, Ri Ri, and Baby J catered to us one of the most iconic Veggiegiving. 

The theme: When Vegetables are the main characters.

Featuring the Celeriac Trifecta, Jersusalem Artichoke, Roasted Pumpkin, Cabbage, and Turnip 💚 

Never had I heard about the celeriac, it is a celery variety, so a root vegetable, and we got to try it three different ways. Rianne and Julian slow-roasted the Celeriac root for 3 hours, while basting it every 30 minutes with its own liquid. The final dish was a:

☝🏼Roasted Celery Root Steaks
✌🏽Over Celery Root Purée
🖖🏾 Finished with a Hazelnut Celery Leaf Pesto


Chef Sari, always doing magic with the uncommon, complemented the main dish with a variety of vegetarian mezze:

🌶️ Bulgar and Roasted Peppers salad over garlic and parsley yogurt dip

✨Jerusalem artichoke Mint Ceviche✨ 
✨ Oatmeal Miso Roasted Turnip finished with crunchy buckwheat and fresh mint
🎃 Roasted pumpkin over sage and pesto greek yogurt finished garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds

🍝 Buttered Cabbage Mafalde Pasta finished with thick Parmigiano Reggiano shaves

Have you ever done a vegetarian Thanksgiving? Let me know how it went below!

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