World Water Day

Published on 22 March 2023 at 10:41

Back in Colombia, having two last names is the norm. Your first last name is your father's, and your second is your mother's. Growing up, I would avoid telling people what my last name was, because it would lead to silly name-calling. With time I grew up to realize its uniqueness and powerful meaning. That's why now, I don't stop myself from showcasing and celebrating it. 

My second last name is Agualimpia. In Spanish, agua limpia translates to clean water, and what better day to celebrate it than today on World Water Day? March 22nd was established by the United Nations as the annual day to highlight the importance of fresh water. Recent reports by the UN show that without proper sustainable freshwater management, approximately two-thirds of the global population could face at least one month of water shortages by 2050.

Unfortunately, this crisis is happening due to a set of human-made actions, not just one factor. Changes in climate due to pollution from excessive mining, manufacturing, and agriculture have led to extreme floods, droughts, and high evaporation rates. Although I wish I could say "Happy World Water Day", I am afraid that the component that covers most of the Earth's surface is not very happy. 


Although it might sound like an impossible problem to fix, small actions made by all of us could make a greater impact. In order to start making that change, and celebrating the importance of agua limpia, I have partnered with SaltyLama, a sustainable brand that offers eco-friendly laundry detergent, as well as other household items. These eco-friendly laundry detergent strips are easy to use and safe for the health of humans, animals, and the environment. Did you know that the chemicals from traditional detergents end up in our waterways? Along the way, they damage all types of ecosystems and are even lethal to aquatic species. 


This Eco-Friendly alternative to liquid laundry detergent is now available in the U.S., UK, and Europe, and comes in a lightweight cardboard sleeve package that is totally compostable. I have tried them out, and I won’t be going back to my old detergent habits anymore. If you wish to give it a try and support this super cool initiative, I can give you a 10% discount with my code (SOPHIEECHEVERRY) or using this link.

Initiative like these, are steps froward for a happier and healthier planet.

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a year ago

Mis hijas adoran a su Pediatra Agualimpia...
Muy inspirador!

Julian Bucheli Agualimpia
a year ago

Que bien , espero que esta iniciativa se propague pronto por todo el mundo