Missing home a bit, what to do?

Published on 18 January 2023 at 14:59

The first time I left Colombia to live abroad, I was 16 years old.

Yeah, a baby. I had no idea of who I was or what I wanted. I just knew I needed to get away, far away. 

Was I running away from something? Maybe.

Was I being attracted, like a magnet, towards something bigger? Towards my path? Maybe, too. 

The only thing I know is that after that year in France, I had this feeling of being to much for this bubble (and in a good way). I was destined to good things. Build communities worldwide, experience cultures, grow, learn, and eventually educate all this personal growth and knowledge to others. 

Nevertheless, I still crave home. I crave the comfort of my family and act like a "consentida", or the spoiled one. Whenever I want to spoil myself, I spend hours brainstorming what I really crave, what will really fill the void of being far from home. The I spend hours making it come true in the kitchen. 

The last time I felt like I needed a big Colombian tackle was the day I made this colorful rice bowl, I named her: Going Tinga or Bananas 

The base is black rice cooked with coconut cream, corn and peas, so slightly sweet. 

Topped with Chicken Tinga, a rich and spicy Mexican inspired recipe that consists on cooking chicken thighs in a tomatoes, chipotle chili, and onion sauce until it falls of the bone, and shreds like crazy.

To cut the richness, I had to make tangy pickled red onions and chunky guacamole. For the crunchiness, a salty patacón, and for extra sweetness, fried sweet plantains. 

Have you ever lived abroad? If so, what do you do when your missing home?

Let me know in the comments below. 

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